The Customers tab allows you to view the purchase history of a customer. It also allows you to edit and delete customer information. By default, customer listing is sorted in descending order by creation date and time. You can sort the names in ascending order by clicking the Sort by Names link.
To search by name, just type the first or the last name of the customer at the Search text box and press ENTER. Imonggo also supports advanced search using label or label combinations. See some examples below:
  • To search for all customers in New York City, type city:"new york"
  • To search for all customers with last name of Smith, type last:smith
  • To search for all customers with last name of Smith in New York City, type last:smith city:"new york"
Here is the complete of list of supported labels:
  • first – first name
  • last – last name
  • company – company name
  • id - customer ID number
  • alternate – alternate customer ID number
  • city – city of residence
  • street – street address
  • zipcode - zipcode
  • email – customer's e-mail address
  • tel – telephone number
Auto-Creation of Customer Entries
As you may have noticed, customer entries are automatically created when you enter a customer name during your sales transaction.
When you edit a customer record, you can only see text boxes for 'first name' and 'last name'. Before saving, Imonggo automatically integrates the 'first name' and 'last name' together to form the 'full name'. On the other hand, when you type the full name of the customer from the Store onto only one text box, Imonggo automatically splits the name into first name and last name before saving.
Access Rights
  • Cashier can view customer records and purchase history.
  • Supervisor can edit and delete unused customer records (in addition to cashier rights).
  • Manager can download customer records (in addition to supervisor rights).
  • Owner has full access.
This option allows you to download your customer list to a CSV file. If you are using the customer membership feature, you can download the alternate ID codes so you can use them for the membership cards that you will distribute to customers. This feature is available for premium users only.
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