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Uploading Customers and Gift Certificates in Batch

Upload an excel file of your customers with the upload tool in iMonggo.
Here's how to use the Customer Upload Tool:

Step 1:

File Format

First, you have to prepare a CSV file of your customers. This can be done through Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet program. The required column headers are first_name, last_name, name and email. You can download this sample file.
You can also add other columns to the CSV file if you want to add more information. Here are the other column headers that you can use:
  • mobile - Mobile number (numbers only, no spaces or punctuation marks allowed)b
  • fax - Fax number (numbers only, no spaces or punctuation marks allowed)
  • telephone - Telephone number (numbers only, no spaces or punctuation marks allowed)
  • company_name - Company name
  • street - Street address
  • zipcode - Zip code
  • country - Please use two-letter country shortcodes
  • state - U.S. only. Please use two-letter shortcodes.
  • birthday - Please use this format: YYYY-MM-DD
Do note that the headers are case-sensitive.

Step 2:

Upload File

Once you have saved the spreadsheet in CSV format, you can already upload it.
Go to the Data Manager

Step 3:

Select Customers from the Data to Upload dropdown

Step 4:

Choose your file then Imonggo will display the products

Step 5:

Click the Upload button
Once the file is successfully uploaded, you should be able to find your uploaded customers in the Customers page.