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Making Your First Sale

Ready to make your first sale? Start with adding items to an order.

Step 1:

You can find the Product List Panel - consisting of the products you sell - on the left side of your screen. Click on one item to add to the invoice.

Step 2:

You also have the option to easily add a specific discount per item. The subtotal is indicated at the end of each product line.

Step 3:

Check the total of the invoice prior to checking out. To finalize your transaction, click on the checkout button.

Step 4:

You may check the details of the invoice here where you have an option to add remarks and/ or type the email of your customer to send the invoice via email.

Step 5:

On the right side, you can enter the customer's payments. Multiple payments are allowed. The total payment amount is already indicated but you can edit it. Select the payment type.

Step 6:

Then click on the PAY button to end the transaction.
Congratulations on making your first sale! Move on to the next tutorial to know about your Dashboard.