Branch Pricing

With Branch Pricing feature enabled, you can sell items at different prices in different branches (or different geographic locations). This feature is only available in premium edition and is only use

Step by Step Guide

  • To use the Branch Pricing Feature, go to Settings by clicking the gear button.
  • Turn it on in Premium Feature Settings.

How to Change the Branch Price of an Item

To define the branch price of an item, you need to have access to Head Office and should be at least a manager.
  • First, switch to the Head Office, then go to Stockroom.
  • Click on the Branch Price link below each item.

Effect of the Branch Pricing

Branch price is automatically used when the item is sold at the store. Where the branch price is not defined, the standard or default retail price will be used. Branch price only affects the Store, but not the Stockroom. The Stockroom always displays the standard retail price.