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Setting Up the Store

Change your online store details and get your store’s QR code.

Step 1:

Go to ECommerce then go to Settings > General. The Settings page should immediately show you the URL of your new ecommerce store, now live. Click it to open it onto a new tab or window.
You can also save the QR code. Print it and display it in your store to promote your new online store to your customers.

Step 2:

Scroll down to change other information about your Store.
  • Store Name – The name of your business that your customer will see
  • Mail from Address – The sender email of the purchase confirmation that your customers receive in their email
  • Default Currency – Optionally set the default currency that should be used throughout the current store. When you set a default currency for a store, note that you need to provide prices for each product in that currency. Any product can have multiple prices associated with it
  • Store Logo – You can upload your logo here and it will appear in the online store.

Step 3:

Scroll down further to see the invoices setting.