How to setup your Tax Settings on iPad

You can adjust your iPad's tax settings for VAT-registered, Non-VAT, Zero-Rated, and with local tax.

If you haven't set up your Imonggo POS for iPad yet, please see our article on getting started with Imonggo for iPad. Sign up for an Imonggo account here.

Step 1:

On Imonggo iPad, go to the Office

Step 2:

Go to your Settings

Step 3:

Go to Tax Rate

Step 4:

Set tax type to Compute Tax

Step 5:

Enable Tax Inclusive

Step 6:

Set your tax rate. In the example below, below is 12% so it's set to .12

In your Store, check to see if there's an amount that appears under Tax. If there is, then your settings are correct.

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